[BLUEPRINT] Procedural Book Generator

Hello everyone

We are pleased to announce the release of our new asset - Procedural Book Generator.
You can download it here - http://polymodels.com/product/ue4-procedural-book-generator/

This blueprint will populate any amount of book in one row. Please see short youtube clip below:


The following properties for each individual book in a row can be randomly changed in certain range by user:

  • width
  • height
  • depth
  • position “back-forth”
  • position “up-down”
  • roll
  • leaning (functionality added in the blueprint v.02)

The blueprint uses static mesh for reference book with two simple instance materials - for cover and sides of the book respectively. Cover material has parameters for base colour, normal, specular and roughness maps. Base colour texture is a square matrix of a few images from which the blueprint will randomly select one texture for each book.

The number of cover images in base colour texture could be 1, 4, 9, 16, 25 … (1x1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 matrices).

User can select if every book in a row will have random texture or all the books will have the same texture in case of Multi-volume Books.

The package contains:

  • blueprint
  • example map
  • two master materials and two instance materials
  • two static meshes, one is a book mesh and another is a magazine mesh
  • four textures

To install the blueprint, put the content of zip file in the Content folder inside the project.

Intended Platform Desktop
Supported Unreal Engine v. 4.6.1 - 4.9

Please do feel free to ask any questions


This looks awesome, gonna use it for building a ruined library :slight_smile:

cool as hell ! thx very much for this. will save me so much time.

maybe you could add books leaning to others like ||||\ and random missing books like |||| /||| ||| |||||\

is it possible to add normal maps by hand ?
kind regards

You are very welcome, we are planning to add leaning and random missing book in the next version of the blueprint next week.
Regarding normal map - you can change normal map in the material instance which located in the Materials folder.


Is it possible to add your own books?

Yes, you can find “Book Mesh Override” parameter slot where you can put your own mesh. Its located in the default category of the blueprint under “Seed” parameter.

any news on the improved generator with leaning books ? Could really use it it my project right now :wink:
thx for the super work !


Sorry for the delay. Leaning book functionality added. You can find a new version of the blueprint on the same download page - http://www.polymodels.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=61&product_id=68.
Thank you very much for your feedback and good luck with your project.
If any questions or request do not hesitate to ask.


super thx to you ! for this useful tool.
will help me very much in my project !

now only the random spaces are missing for perfection :wink:


Talk about a very nice tool :smiley:

Advertised at my blog :slight_smile:

Hallo Polymodels.com Team

every time when i try to access www.polymodels.com i get the error “403 forbidden” :frowning:
can you help me pls


Same here. Could anyone help?

This is pretty sweet! Thanks!

Thanks. What’s the usage license, especially on stuff like book textures?

This is a wonderful useful asset BP giveaway, thank you very much for your generosity!

You are very welcome, ajbombadill!

Hi, I find your Blueprint really good overall, I am developing a bunch of maps to be used like a texture atlas - there is just one thing missing, which is the inclusion in the textures of another section for the book fore edge. I know it would make the blueprint more complex, but if you add 5% of the texture atlas you can probably calculate a set of different textures on the side and do a color mask to separate materials - instead of having 300 draw calls you could boil down things to half with a few hundred books - even more effective with an actor bake function? :slight_smile:

I am a complete noob just learning unreal, I am an archviz guy trying to make real time, and I heard some more experienced colleagues that your work, even though great, could use a bit more improvement on the base meshes side and the texture atlas layout. Keep it up, thanks!


First of all, thank you for the awesome blueprint. I would like to get some help. I use it for my VR project and I’ve got a 4.18 version. When I put the books according to the video, in the UE4 viewport, everything is okay. However when I watch in VR mode with Oculus Rift, the book’s textures or material aren’t visible. What’s wrong?

I hope you can help me. Thank you!

Janos Csaszar