[BLUEPRINT] Procedural Blinds Generator

Hello everyone

We are pleased to announce the release of our new asset - Procedural Blinds Generator.
You can download it here - [](

This blueprint will help you to generate the blinds for your game or visualisation project. Please see short youtube clip below:
The package of three blueprints for horisontal, vertical and roller blinds procedural generaton.


The following properties are changeable by user:

- overall width
- overall height (drop)
- open-close
- slat rotation (for horisontal and vertical blinds)
- slat width (for horisontal and vertical blinds)
- vertical and horisontal shift (for horisontal and vertical blinds)
- base colour, roughness, specularity etc. for all blinds
- subsurface amount and opasity for roller and vertical blinds

The package contains:

- 3 blueprints
- example map
- 7 master materials and 7 instance materials
- 17 meshes (1160 triangles, 1478 vertices in total)
- 2 textures

To install the blueprint, put the content of zip file in the Content folder inside the project.

Intended Platform Desktop
Supported Engine Versions 4.6.1 - 4.9

Please do feel free to ask any questions


Wow you guys are on fire, first the book generator and now this, many thanks for your hard work!

Thank you, guys

Just warming up :), stay tuned

Wow, this is awesomely made !

THX :smiley:

Please include an example project as copying the directories into a 4.9.2 project does not seem to work. Your example map is empty.


I have what is probably a stupid question, but I can’t get the blind to open or close when I push a key. I have added the event in the Event Graph of the Blueprint and it should work as far as I can tell but nothing happens.

I am guessing my limited knowledge is stopping me from seeing what I have done wrong, could you let me know how you intend the blinds to be opened?

(So I am wanting the blind to close when E is pressed, the branch is to add a reverse in later, the time line is a float from 0 - 100 which should pass through to the Open - Close Var that was part of the blueprint.)

Hey, this is going to sound silly but I can’t get the assets to appear in the level and the example level is opening blank for me.

Hi, just tried your website and it comes up as Access Forbidden?


What version of UE4 are you using?

The access to the website is fully restored. sorry for your inconvenience.

These are some great tools, thank you!

You’re welcome, StrangeLove13!

Now links to gumroad, so it’s not free.