Blueprint Problem

Hi i dont know how to make “when player touch triggerbox then”. I cant make begin overlap becouse i have this blueprint in Third Person Character and i can’t do overlap.

It’s not clear what the problem is. There shouldn’t be any problem in using begin overlap, whether you’re using the third or first or any other character.

Is the triggerbox a BP or did you dragged one to the world directly from the “Place Actors” tab? Where do you want to check the overlap? In the level BP?

So if I get it right: 1 actor with a trigger component; 1 camera that is a separate actor.

In the first actor, create a variable of type Camera Actor. Click a little eye next to it to expose it.

In the world, select the first actor and find the new variable in its details. Click the eye dropper and select the camera.

In the first actor blueprint:

Make sure to set the box collision to only overlap Pawn, to avoid unwanted overlaps by anything else.

I have to create when player overlap with box in actor then set camera view to camera actor in world.
But i don’t know how to make when player overlap with box in actor and i don’t know what i must plug to target in set camera view with blend.