Blueprint Portal Issues

Hello everyone!

This is my first thread on this forum and I hope it is in the right location. Using blueprints I made a portal in order to teleport to another map when colliding with it. I also made a loading screen for it.
This project started as a Third Person Template C++. I started it with C++ instead of blueprints in order to make the game First and Third person. (A FPS with zoomable Third Person, like Skyrim)
I made two blueprints, and a variable in MyCharacter. One Portal_BP blueprint and one HUD_Portal blueprint for the loading screen. I have three maps in this project: Example_Map, Test_Map and Office_Map.
The Portal_BP Object is located in the Example_Map. In the HUD_Portal the Portal is ordered to teleport the player to Test_Map, which it does perfectly fine. But when I add a Portal_BP Object to Office_Map, the Portal
doesn’t work! I tried making copies of the two blueprints, renaming them to Portal_BP2 and HUD_Portal2 and changing the ordered map to Example_Map, still no luck. I’m going to add a few pictures of the Blueprints
and the project to this post. I appreciate all help, thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

T.K. Baha

Variables of MyCharacter:

MyCharacter Variables.PNG

Portal_BP Blueprint:


HUD_Portal Blueprint (2 Parts):


The portal works like this: When the Player collides with the portal, the portal states the variable “PortalLoader” located in MyCharacter as true.
When PortalLoader is equal to true, the portal teleports you to Test_Map while showing up the loading screen.
Below are some links of pictures of the project in the editor. I really hope someone can help me, thanks!

Here the Portal_BP Object in the Example_Map where it works perfectly:

The Test_Map the Portal in Example_Map teleports you to:

The Portal_BP Object in the Office_Map (Supposed to teleport you to Test_Map, but it doesn’t do anything):

can you try doing this?

  1. create a string variable for your Portal_BP that saves the level name to send players to, make it public so you can edit when select it in editor.
  2. move the open level call to Portal_BP, or even better, send an event to your GameMode object with level string and let GameMode open level.
  3. draw loading screen could be pretty much the same

Hello PenguinTD, thank you for your reply.

I made a string variable inside of Portal_BP, I also added a bubble for my GameMode to open the level, but I don’t know how to insert the string variable to the GameMode. :confused:
Get ‘Level’ (Name of the variable) doesn’t show any results. I’m sorry if it’s a dumb question/problem I’m new to blueprints. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:
And also, what event am I supposed to use in GameMode?

When you create an event, you can create input variables, make one as string.
Then in your Portal_BP, when you want to call GameMode’s event( you can just use “GetGameMode”) and then send over the string.