Blueprint poke evolution system?

Was woundering if any one would know if it would be possible to blue print a pokemon style evolution system. It would need to be able to change the npc to a new one but retain all the same stat info such as level, hp, ect. Would it be exacutable with blueprints or would i need to c++ that? have a realy cool concept and i’m close to implamenting a system like this any info would help.

That is definitely all possible in through blueprints without having to dive into the C++ code. You could create the entire pokemon game without having to go into C++. That said, it’ll still take some learning and getting used to the engine to set everything up, but it is possible if you want to put the time into it.

Thanks for the reply this makes me a bit more confident working on the project. I have thought my self to model landscape and populate it with foliage, currently working on implementing animated actors, almost done with that stage. after that i need to learn how to blue print RPG functions and states then learn more complex functions like variables and random encounters. i have a c++ class im taking on the week ends and it has actual helped me understand the ue4 work flow alot better. If any one has more advise im always open to learn.

I would look into learning about structures and arrays when you get to setting up data for the game. For example, you’ll want to make a character/pokemon structure that contains the character’s level as an integer, its experience level, its attack, defense, etc. You can make a parent actor that contains that structure, so that every child actor you make (all the different pokemon) will already have those variables ready in them and available to be edited. Changing those for each individual pokemon is a bit trickier…I haven’t done anything more than 15 actors, so I just go into each child actor and edit the values individually, but there are ways to setup a database that pulls data into the child actors, so you don’t have to bounce back and forth looking at each one individually. I’m not entirely sure how to do that, but you’ll want to get something like that setup before you start throwing variables in…its good to setup a nice foundation when you’re going to add in the same stuff 100/200 times.

Hope that makes sense!

It does make sense not experianced with any of that though :slight_smile: would any one happen to have screen shots of set ups like that or how too video on parent and child actors?