Blueprint Player Movement problem

Hi guys,
I’m working at my third person blueprint atm but I have a problem.

I have:

But need:

And I don’t understand/find how to connect the max walk speed to condition.


Sorry for bad English.

“max walk Speed” can’t be a condition (true or false) itself.
but “is max walk speed > 160?” can be.

so you grab your max walkspeed variable and add a new node, search vor “>” or “<” and connect that to your branch.


Now just need the Target Velocity but can’t find it. You know the name maby?


velocity is the Speed and direction you are moving in.
to get a velocity, the object has to move already.

in your example the character movement automatically adds (or should at least) the target velocity, if you awnt to get the “vector length”


Got it all! Thanks!