BluePrint Play&Simulate

Hello. Sorry for this stupid question. I have a famous FireWorks project files UE4 Blueprint + Cascade Fireworks GPU Particle EXTRAVAGANZA! - YouTube .

All going perfect when I hit default play button (play in selected viewport).

But when I start simulation (in blueprint editor or by hitting Play&Simulate in world editor, result always same) Only the first emitter is spawning.

I dont understand anything about blueprints programming logic e c.c. In my opinion the problem is on Spawn Emitter At Location node.

I tryed to google this things and it seems to be similar to my problem. I tryed all suggestions that I could found out.

Also tryed some thing with possess function… Dont know how to figure out from this problem.

I need it to go in simulation mode for sequencer because I have some cloth simulation things in the movie…

I know I can animate separated particles with sequencer and I’ll do that if dont solve the problem…

But it would be very nice to use a blueprint directly in sequencer…

Engine version 4.19

There is additional blueprint for launching with this system of activation which is in blueprint level… Can i somehow activate this not with keyboard but with sequencer keyframes?? Please… =D