Blueprint Performance Benchmark?

I wonder if there’s performance benchmark of Blueprint comparing to C++?

Blueprints are approximately the speed of UnrealScript in UE3, and our rule of thumb there was about 10x slower than C++. This may improve in the future, and we want to add a ‘Blueprint Profiler’ to help you understand what are the slowest parts of your Blueprint.

Hi James,

We see that blueprint performance is critical on Mobile if you have blueprint based game. Most of the CPU comes from blueprint communication with C++. Is there any ETA for Blueprint Profiler to help out which parts should be added to c++?


any update on that Blueprint Profiler?


any update on that Blueprint Profiler?

Hey guys,

Blueprint Profiler is now available in 4.11 Preview 1. Not sure if it exists in 4.10 as i have never tried that.

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Is it still so that BluePrints are 10 times slower than C++? Or do they have a better performance now?

Great but why such important feature as “Blueprint Profiler” is not listed here? 4.11 Preview

The blueprint profiler will be experimental in 4.11, it will definitely be documented once it’s complete but you’re more than welcome to check it out in its experimental incarnation in 4.11.

In 4.12 we’ll also be improving blueprint profiling with the normal stats system, giving more detail about individual blueprint functions.

So with engine 4.12, is it still the case that Blueprint is 10x slower than C++?