Blueprint Pawn input


I am trying to learn how pawn input works. I want a simple WSAD camera movement on a basic blank level. I have my gamemode setup to take control of BP_Player, which is where this blueprint is located. When I run to play, nothing happens. I have my input axis controls set up, and have “Auto Posses Player” on Player 0. I have spent days looking for solutions.

What am I missing?

Thanks for the help!

why don’t you just open up one of the templates and look in there where its already setup…

I forgot to say that I have copied basic movement blueprint from a couple of different projects into my project and it didn’t do a thing. Just tried copying movement from the third person game project into my BP_Player blueprint and still didn’t work.

Finally got it. I guess characters are better for keyboard movement at the start.

? Shouldnt matter what input device you’re using.

You dont need to auto possess if you’ve set the gamemode to use your player pawn you created.

dont put the player pawn in the level just place a player start. This means when you start the level it will auto spawn your player pawn and possess it.

You said you’re using a character. Did you derive your player pawn from pawn or character?

if you look at the samples a character is usually setup with a capsule component as the root, this drives the movement. Then the skeletal mesh is a child component of the root. Doesnt look like you’ve set it up like that.

if you’re not deriving from character then i’m guessing your movement is pretty slow as you’re basically telling it to move by 1 cm every frame?