[Blueprint] Parent function not listed in Child

Question says it all.

In the parent blueprint I have several public functions, but in the child blueprint, these functions are not listed.
Is there a setting I have missed that lets me make functions virtual and/or show up in the list of functions/variables?

Oddly, a custom event in the child blueprint works.
I feel like I’ve missed something, but it works, so…

The issue here is that functions which have no outputs are actually considered events! You can find their overrides in the normal event graph “Add Event” menu, and add a call to their parent function by right clicking on that added event. We’re working on making it so that functions will always appear as functions, regardless of whether or not they have outputs, but in the meantime, that’s the distinguishing factor. Sorry for the confusion!

Hey Christopher,

Thanks for your report! We were able to reproduce your issue–the source seems to be that a parent function that does not have an input or output does not show up in a child blueprint’s function list. As long as you have at least one input or output, you’ll see it in that list. We have logged a defect report for this issue and hope to have it fixed in a future Rocket Beta release.