Blueprint Parent Class Reset after restarting the editor

I am trying to reparent a couple of my blueprints. When I select the new parent class in the Blueprint editor it works correctly and can clearly be seen to have worked as the new parent has a component that works in game. I can save, checkin etc but as soon as I restart the editor, it goes back to the old parent class (And the new component stops appearing in game).

It perhaps isn’t too surprising this is happening, if my blueprint that I’m re-parenting is otherwise unchanged, modifying this property does not change the file (looking in git’s commit I can see the file is unchanged). Wherever the parent class is being written to obviously isn’t being saved. What can I do to force Unreal to save this property change.

Possibly related, I sometimes see this error message:

 Object 'REINST_MassBoat_C_127 /Engine/Transient.World_1:PersistentLevel.MassBoat_C_1' is being used for execution, but its class is out of date and has been replaced with a recompiled class!

But it doesn’t crash the editor so I haven’t paid it much attention.

Doing a package build the blueprint has the old parent.

I am using UE 4.4.1.

A work around is to make a copy of the blueprint (after correctly setting the BP’s parent class) - this BP will then have the correct parent class. Then you can go through the rigmarole of deleting original, replacing with refs to new, renaming new back to original… This obviously isn’t ideal…