Blueprint, package? assemble? namespace?

Hi there, this may be a noob question.
Im used to write tools in Unity, every tool have own namespace / assembly / package, so they dont know about other tools and dont need to recompile.

now that im using Unreal and blueprints everytime i change stuff in my blueprint it try to seach all other project blueprints, i tried giving my tools a namespace but it keep trying to do a global search.

How can i create a blueprint that do not reference or index any other user blueprints??


If you know this variable name is not used by another asset, you can just cancel the search. But you have to absolutely sure. Otherwise at some point down the line stuff will stop working.

PS: No, there is no namespace concept. It’s to do with dependency. If you write BP_A with a variable X, and then BP_B that refers to BP_A:X. Then you decide the rename X → Y. The system has to check and find that other reference. Otherwise BP_B just won’t compile or work.


thank you for taking your time, i will just cancel when im sure them ;D

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