Blueprint overridable functions showing duplicated

Hello, i’m using the latest 4.6.1 from git and i have the following problem:

  • Create blueprint A from Actor and create a method called Test that returns boolean
  • Create blueprint B that derives from A and override Test
  • Create blueprint C that derives from B

You should have Test duplicated in the Overridable Function section, like the following picture:


is it supposed to be like this? If so, how do i know which one is the A’s Test and which one is the B’s Test? Thank you.

Hi ,

Unfortunately I have not been able to reproduce this on my end thus far. What steps are you taking that create this effect? Does this happen in a blank project with no additional content?

Yes i able to reproduce it with a blank third person project using the following steps:

  • Create a fresh third person template from blueprints without starter content
  • Create 3 Blueprints named A, B and C that derive from Actor
  • On the blueprint props set C to derive from B and B to derive from A
  • In A create a Test function with a boolean output
  • In B implement Test
  • C should have 2 implementations to override of Test

I also noticed that in C, on the components tab, you get a lot of default scenes. I attached screenshots from the components and graph view for each blueprint.

I have been able to see the multiple default scene roots, however this is understandable when made using the method you describe. Each of the blueprints starts out with a default scene root then is parented to another object with a default scene root. This can be avoided by creating a blueprint, right clicking, then selecting “Create blueprint based on this”, which will automatically derive one blueprint from another. I have not been able to reproduce the duplicate functions, however. Try creating your blueprints the way I describe here and see if that addresses the error.

I did as you mention, and indeed the multiple default scene root are gone, but i still have the duplicated function override on the third blueprint.

Try it on 4.7 preview. Additionally, are you doing New Function or are you creating a custom event and naming it a specific function?

i’m creating a new function and on the output i set it to return boolean, i’m not using events. I can’t switch right now to 4.7 because i’m in the middle of developing a feature, but i will try it when i can, did you try to reproduce using the latest commit of the release branch?

Hi ,

I have been able to reproduce this and have entered a bug report, UE-7558 to be assessed by the development staff.

Thank you :slight_smile: Is there a way to follow up the bug report using that id?

Unfortunately we do not have a way for user to track bug reports yet, we are looking into some options that may make this viable in the future so keep an eye out for more information!

Thanks, that would be helpful :slight_smile: