Blueprint order when playing sequence

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I am trying to fade out, teleport the Character to a different location and fade back in.
Basically the simplest version of a respawn.

I attempted to do so by creating a sequence

calling it by event, waiting for 2 seconds and subsequently calling SetActorLocation to move the Character.

However what happens is nothing for the first 2 seconds as the blueprint waits for the delay timer, then the character teleports and in the end the fadeout-sequence happens.


My only guess so far is highly speculative and connected to the low spec machine I am working on(onboard-grafics). However I hope I am wrong and instead have made a mistake that I can fix. Any ideas?

You might try a 1s delay instead? If I’m reading correctly, the 2s delay will happen just about where that 3rd keyframe is and that’s when the fade in starts.

Another approach would be to create an event track and fire a custom event called “SpawnTeleport” from sequencer, at the time of the 2nd keyframe. That’s probably a better approach that allows you to line up the events/fades easier.