Blueprint or vertex shader mesh deformers

Hey there,

is it possible to make similar mesh deformers like those from 3dsmax - taper or stretch via BP or material vertex shaders?

If it’s possible, I would appreciate if someone could point me the right direction with some technique. I would only need something simpler like the taper.

Thanks for any input.


Look this tutorial. I think this help you.

What you need is a normal direction on a texture set for every vertex in the material shader. Shouldn’t be a big problem, gonna look into it sometime tomorrow.

svv3dUDN thanks for the link, will have a look

Z-enzyme, thanks and looking forward any more info you can post

This is what you need, more less:


Great stuff Z-enzyme, thanks a bunch.

One more - stretch - so all are present. I’ll try to make a bend as well tho I have no idea yet how to.


Awesome! Keep em coming!!! :smiley:

Z-enzyme (or anyone else), do you know how to provide a location and rotation vector for the axis to stretch the mesh using World Position Offset?

Based on your last example I did this:

But I only managed to stretch it in simple straight directions. I want to be able to stretch it along arbitrary axes, providing a location pivot and rotation. Basically I’m trying to simulate squash & stretch on a ball.

Hey Chi, did you get any progress on this? I’m doing the same thing atm!