Blueprint or C++ to Platform games as ps4 and xbox360

I’m starting my venture on a video game and wondering rather i should blueprint or c++. What are the pitfalls of c++? Does it use more memory, crash more on platforms such as playstation or what? causes more bugs? etc… etc…

Blueprints and C++ do not really compete, and you will want to use blueprints for certain things in a lot of cases. Whether it uses more memory, crashes more, or causes more bugs, is dependent on how skilled you are as a programmer. Pitfalls of C++, none that I can think of (Though I have only been using it for 2 months). Pitfalls of Blueprints, slower development time (Depending on what you are working on), you are limited to what has been added to blueprints where functionality is concerned, and blueprints are much slower than C++ (about 20x as slow in my experience).