Blueprint optimization

Are there any Blueprint optimization techniques and what they are if they exist?

I’ve made a script that generates caisson ceiling (square cells like the ones that in ancient roman temples) and it causes huge FPS drop. All cells are attached to the Root element (Scene component), which is set to be Static.


Well, I’ve checked the AddStatichMeshComponent nodes in my Blueprint, and its Mobility was set as Movables. So I changed it to Static and FPS got a bit higher, but still drops to the ‘red zone’ sometimes.

How can be handled this kind of issue: when I rotate camera around very fast, some of the cells appear/disappear. I understand that it’s Z-buffering in progress…

That is frustum culling. If there are a lot of individual “low poly” objects you might want to use a Hierarchical Instanced Static Mesh component. Add all the meshes to it, this will decrease the amount of draw calls.

Nice! Thanks.