Blueprint only works with event tick or begin play

Hey everyone, first of all i need to say that i’m bad in english so please be indulgent.
I’m a beginner in unreal engine blueprint scripting and i have a problem that i didn’t have some days ago.

I have code that is use to spawn an actor. It works well with “event tick”.
But when i read this code with another event for example “LeftMouseClick” or an Input it don’t works and i don’t know why !
If you know the answer please tell me :slight_smile:

Like Thomson said, it seems like you aren’t recieving input on the blueprint. Is this a Pawn or Character blueprint at all (These should already receive input).

This is the setting here:

without seeing your code or knowing what its attached to its impossible to say. if i had to guess though i would say that the actor isnt receiving input. for something like a character look in the details panel for auto receive input and set it to player 0