Blueprint only Virtual Keyboard


This Blueprint only project allows you to easily add a virtual keyboard to new or existing UE4 projects using 4.11 or later. Completely standalone, it takes only a few minutes to add to your project and set up. Completely supports gamepad and mobile touch interfaces as well as mouse input.
Keyboard setups are easily adjusted through data tables for fast keyboard swapping. Included keyboard setups: US English Uppercase, US English Lowercase, Symbols.

Quickly and easily add a virtual keyboard to your game project. Supports gamepad and mobile touch interactions.

Technical Details:
3 Blueprints (2 optional)
6 UMG Widgets (3 optional)
1 Blueprint Interface
1 data table w/ required structure

  • Asset requirements depend on your project’s setup. Included sample project uses all assets to show full functionality.
    ** Please check your platform submission requirements (iOS, Android, etc.) as they may have their own requirements on the type of virtual keyboard you can use on their platform.