Blueprint Only Graph

[ASSETS] UE4 Blueprint Only Graph

Introducing all new blueprint only graph with multiple modes including:

  • Column graph
  • Column Stacked graph
  • Column Stacked 100% graph
  • Line graph
  • Line + Area graph
  • Column + Line combo graph

Additional features included within the project:

  • Direct CSV conversion support
  • Cascade window

  • Drag & resize operation


Planned update:

  • Light & dark mode
  • Full color palettes
  • Real-time graph update
  • Scrollables
  • (you decide)

A sample executable test will be uploaded soon.
No ETA for the source project yet, nor availability on the Marketplace, as I need to gauge the demand for this project.

This looks highly advanced and usefull. Ouh.
I dont know where to use this but its extremly cool and clearly a needed feature.
Just put it on the MP for like 15 or 20 bucks, this looks sooo cool.

Or even give it away for free, just like this one here ;)… Oh wait, maybe not…

Could be a bad idea for anyone whose ever had to endure the cruel and unusual punishment of maintaining office spreadsheets.
What if every middle manager now wants to port their Excel / Google sheets over to a video game / VR - AR interactive app etc?
Seriously there will be convergence between Office & UE4, as UE4 becomes more ubiquitous. But still don’t do it. We’ll all die :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I’ve started with Kantan Charts, but then I realized it is not customizable enough for end user.

For now I am planning to only support SQL or specific return data from JSON for real-time online data display. Other than that, I will try to port Google Sheets functionality one by one and ultimately rework this in C++ for lesser widget tick overhead. So far the widget tick costs are fairly okay, but not in GPU draw (blur stack + translucency) as the game time start to slow down beyond 20 windows.

Added cascade system + close button: