Blueprint On Level Load

I’m working on a sever-client model and the problem is when the players select/customize their stuff in the team lobby and the server then travels to the actual game map the “BeginPlay” events don’t trigger for things like the player controller using seamless travel. It looks like in C+ scripting there is a handle event for “on level loaded” that I figured would solve this issue but I don’t see the option to override or use this in blueprint.

I’m really just needing a way to bring the players character selection and setup from the team lobby into the game itself somehow and heard seamless travel was the solution that then has this problem with the game setup.

That’s what I had previously setup. Unfortunately OnPostLogin only seems to trigger the first time the player joins the game, not the level so it doesn’t trigger when seamless traveling. Both the OnPostLogin and BeginPlay are skipped due to seamless considering it the same player/controller.

You could try to use the event OnPostLogin in the GameMode. It fires when a player connects or a level is loaded. At least this is the behavior in 4.23. It gives you the player controller that has loaded. Notice that the event triggers only server side. We use that to send information to the players and they spawn their characters and cameras.