Blueprint Object public objects

I have a blueprint class that’s tied to a Cube. In the blueprint I have two object structure public variables. One for a blocking volume and one for a trigger. Outside the blueprint, I attach the corresponding object to that variable.

I have my blueprinted object (cube) in the scene twice. Each instance has it’s own trigger box and blocking volume with it, and each is assigned to it’s own cube correctly.

I am checking my trigger for overlap events to enable collision on the blocking volume. Basically: IF (player is overlapping trigger) - do not enable collision on this cube. ELSE IF (we aren’t inside trigger) - turn on collision.

It works well, except when tracing through it. Only one trigger is being checked if we are inside of it. I’m having events fire off for begin and end overlap for each cube to make sure we aren’t inside it to enable collision.

How can I get unique instances of trigger so they can each fire off by themselves. The second trigger box isn’t being called when i’m in or outside of it.