Blueprint not working in bluid. What's wrong ?

Hello, it’s the first time i’m asking for help in the forum of Unreal, I hope i’m at the right place to discus of my issue.

I’m student as game artist so Blueprints are not my cup of tea. But, we have to create some interactions in our scene, and I found an old tutorial on how to make a Hologram that display a text with some info next to him when you click on hit. So basicly I have an Actor, who have a Widget and then i’m using the projectile Blueprint to activate the widget with the infos. It works fine when I press play on the editor, but when I make a build of my project, the Blueprint is not working and here i’m clueless… I have some screenshots of what i’ve done, it’s not much but for some reasons it just don’t work on my build, so if I could have some help…

Thank you for reponding, have a nice day !