Blueprint nodes to avoid? Besides event tick.

Besides event tick what are the bloated inefficient blueprint nodes to avoid?

Also on the flipside what nodes are the cheapest?



Tick is neither inefficient or bloated. Inefficient and bloated can be the things you make it do. Don’t put stuff that does not belong in Tick; don’t cast on Tick, don’t GetAllActorsOfClass on Tick; don’t bind complex functions to widgets fields as they execute every frame and so on… If something must be updated every frame, it probably *should *be ticking.

Tick has a bad rep because of how people abuse it.

What does it even mean? You do not choose a node because it’s cheap, you choose a node to do the job. And it’s hardly ever about a singular node. It’s more about implementing an (in)efficient method. As in, if something is happening where the player cannot experience it, don’t do it. You learn to fake a lot of stuff and cut corners wherever possible.

One could argue here that short circuit evaluation could be taken into account here - I’m looking at you And & *Select *nodes… These can sneak up on you and are hard to debug.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with tick, it’s just the way people abuse it that’s the problem.

It’s really the same with the whole of blueprints, it’s not which nodes you use, it’s how you use them.

Delay Node. Avoid it as much as your heart can.