Blueprint nodes in vertical sense

So I am sure the system would improve dramatically if the Blueprint nodes would be displayed in vertical sense (our would allow to set it up this workmode), and why all the Gaussian curves? They are even more spaghetization.

I have been working for years in Quest3d engine and did some games, I got code of years exclusively working in the equivalent to blueprint nodes where everything was very well organized and legible. I am finally moving to Unreal, but I am finding blueprints to be a big mess. So easy to get lost with just a few nodes around…

As an example I paste here an image from a Quest3d graph:


You know you can dial down the BP splines to straight lines if you want to (see here)… The English speaking world mostly reads left to right, so its probably faster for most to work that way versus top down. But like anything, you’d probably get used to it if you had to… Would devs want to though? Otherwise, its a highly specific request that Epic probably have little interest in anyway with Fortnite driving all the priorities… :stuck_out_tongue:

Sitting on a 21:9 monitor (and a second screen) here so I might be biased but we generally have way more horizontal screen real estate than vertical one. Human eye viewing angles tell an even more convincing story. Reading long lines of text is a pain in the neck, true.

Somehow I do not hate the image you posted. I guess it’s a matter of preference. Some things would be very awkward in vertical, no? Like a big split struct. How would you do this with a vertical setup and maintain reasonable readability:


One thing I immediately dislike about the vertical setup is the way text is handled; text does flow horizontally. Unless it’s old-school Japanese, that is.

Also, you can wrap things in macros, functions (that’s a poor excuse to use a function, I know) and even collapse groups of nodes, group things with comments.
I wonder if Epic considered an alternative like this when designing blueprints.

Hi Everynone, I attached 2 pics. First would be an answer on how to put that struct into a function; second is an example (for real code) of a big blueprint.
I can’t imagine the amount of spaghetti it would be to put all that nodes in Unreal.

The exact *same *I guess but you scroll more to the sides rather than up and down and don’t need to deal with overlapping text as a bonus? Zoom in on that big structs and show me the pins… Is the text in vertical, legible at all?

What am I not seeing here? Not buying this at all. :expressionless: Sorry. You’ve actually managed to changed my mind about this completely. Definitely not for me. I feel you’re going to like behavioural trees, though:


Btw, blueprints have alignment options. Bind them as keyboard shortcuts, makes it easy to align things quickly - up / down / left / right / mid / align / distribution and so on. You can also adjust grid snapping and, as **franktech **mentioned - don’t like the curves, disable them, don’t like the grid - hide it.

Hovering mouse on the pins would tell you what it is.

Well, I just started with Unreal and I am seeing a professional and cool tool! Regarding blueprints, I just find that it is very easy to make it a mess while, to my eyes, the vertical sense helps on this. Maybe I’m biased because of working this way for many years. But, I will focus on ways to properly organize with the current system, that has its pros-cons. Let’s see.

Thanks for the tips :wink:

Couldn’t agree more:

I think my first contact with a serious node system was in 3d studio’s material editor, it was all horizontal so it’s kind of stuck in my head now.