Blueprint nodes for sound volume, battery charge level values and system temp on Android

Dear Epic devs,

Please expose sound volume value and battery charge level value to Blueprints in 4.12 or 4.13. You already have it in C++ afaik and it shouldn’t be that hard to expose it to BP. Not only Gear VR requires for sound volume UI to be shown (which requires ability to retrieve sound volume value and it’s not supported in BP), it would be also useful to show player in Gear VR how much battery life (s)he has left.

If possible at all, having ability to get system temperature would allow us to also show player that the phone is about to overheat.


Hi motorsep,

Thank you for your request. I have entered a feature request, UE-30896, to be considered by the development staff.

Hi ,

\o/ thanks a bunch!

Yes, that would be great, and all the UE4 GearVR developers are asking for these features since a few monthes now, hoping at each preview that it would be implemented…
It’s harsh to still be forced to make a C++ project, just to insert a few lines of code, because Blueprints are missing just these elements, still not exposed.
From our perspective, it almost looks like UE4 is no longer developing and sustaining GearVR platform. It’s too bad because it means letting this space to Unity (which I don’t want to use).
We had a few tutorials, essentially on the project settings & configuration, but since then, and it’s many monthes ago, we had no tutorial on anything (the touchpad surface is not even specifically covered), no significant update on rendering and few bug corrections (yes texture bug on Snapdragon, I’m looking at you !)…
With the powerful S7 & S7 Edge, and Vulkan coming soon, GearVR is selling really well and it’s a major platform for VR, even if it’s the “little brother in the family” !
You should be pushing UE4 to GearVR developers with fancy templates and tutorials, and shiny updates, not letting Unity stealing all your marketshare on that one.
But on the contrary : there is minimal to no information on many functions of the GearVR we need and it’s from the help of other developers on the forums that we get ways of doing things.
We feel alone and abandoned, that’s my impression !

Btw, this is already available