Blueprint nodes documentation - A list would be helpful

Hi guys! I used UDK a lot in the past years, especially the scripting part. One of the feature that I liked a lot is that I could have accessed all the documentation without UDK and also without an Internet connection.

I wonder if it’s possible to have the same opportunity with the nodes. Right now it’s hard to know how many they are, what their function is. It’s necessary going through them looking for something that may be or may be not present, while in the engine.

As example I was looking for a node giving me the length in integer of a string. I was looking for “length”, I spent few minutes looking for it, then I realized that the name was “len”.

It would be very helpful to have the list of all nodes on a PDF, readable offline. The dream would be to have in the same document the text displayed in the pop up when the node is selected. It could save a lot of time and also permit to discover new nodes and new functionality, beside that I could use the time I spend on the daily commute…

Just an idea for the developers.