Blueprint node dropdowns affected by zoom level

I’ve found that dropdowns (like on Spawn Actor From Class node) get smaller and start cutting items off at bottom of list when you zoom out.

This got very confusing when I searched for a specific class to spawn and only option in my list was None because thing I was actually searching for was cut off.

Hi kgamble,

There are a couple of nodes we’re aware of that cause this. Can you tell me in which nodes in particular you’ve seen this occur? I would like to combine ones we know about with ones you know of and create a new bug report for them.

Does scroll bar on right side of drop down not reach all menu options?

Looking at all nodes I can think of with dropdowns, this specific behavior seems to only occur with Spawn Actor from Class. others I tried (Get All Actors Of Class, Set Skeletal Mesh, Spawn Emitter at Location) did all get smaller as I zoomed out but they didn’t cut off any options at bottom.

When zoomed out all way you can actually scroll scrollbar past bottom of what’s being rendered like so:


You can see last visible option (which isn’t last option in dropwdown, World Settings) is cut off and scroll bar isn’t visible.

Thanks for looking into that! I was able to reproduce problem with this node, and created a new bug report for it (UE-11768). I’ll let you know as soon as I see any update on it. Thanks again!