Blueprint Node Dropdown

Hey all, does anyone know how this drop down/hidden option on a blueprint node is done or what it is called?
I’ve searched for everything I can think of but nothing is coming up.

Screenshot 2017-08-22 17.09.29.png


I am absolutely not sure, but the signature of Print String looks like this:

UFUNCTION(BlueprintCallable, meta=(WorldContext="WorldContextObject", CallableWithoutWorldContext, Keywords = "log print", AdvancedDisplay = "2", DevelopmentOnly), Category="Utilities|String")
static void PrintString(UObject* WorldContextObject, const FString& InString = FString(TEXT("Hello")), bool bPrintToScreen = true, bool bPrintToLog = true, FLinearColor TextColor = FLinearColor(0.0, 0.66, 1.0), float Duration = 2.f);

My assumption is, that Values by reference (Instring) are automatically visible and all other values which have a default value(bPrintToScreen,bPrintToLog etc.) are collapsed.


the meta Tag “AdvancedDisplay” says the following:


Awesome thank you!