Blueprint no ability to watch variables and For Index not showing it's current value

tried to read around about this and can’t find an answer. I want to add watches to variables. That should be possible but it isn’t.
Right Click on the variable, no matter where is not giving me the option to watch. Yes i can hover over the connection, but that is rather tedious when you have an two fors of 50 or so. thing is, that my script is producing two or three objects on top of each other, even if it shouldn’t do it. Perfect would be, if i could log the states of variables over time to see when exactly things go wrong.

Also is there a reason why the index output of For Loops don’t show their current value, eventhough everything else does.

//edit i figured the issue out, but that doesn’t solve, that i can’t watch variables

What do you mean by watching variables? You can click PIE and change tabs or eject and click on an actor , then watch all of it’s variables.

Perhaps you’re looking for break points?

Sorry i was a bit at a mistake. I always clicked the variables in a wrong way. I wasn’taware, that it’s not enough to click the bigger shape but rather just their name tag to get the ability to watch a variable. Still though After adding a watch to them, all i got on the debug screen was “Value out of bound” (as the Index of for does). And the debug function with break points doesn’t really work for me since my problem only showed in certain situations sometimes at values of 400 iterations of “for loops” and certain coordinate combinations. So the command flow is nice and all but without watching the values of a whole bunch of variables directly on screen i have no clue how to figure out why it’s working only sometimes and under what causes it. And yes i know i can hold the mouse over the connection and see the variables but that doesn’t really help.

What iam doing is, following the Video of Tefel to create on runtime procedural block world. However following his example to get a grip on the concept and workflow…Mine doesn’t spawn blocks in certain combinations and i got no clue why. So more and more effective debbuging on runtime would help (since it’s not just an issue with on click).

I think, however i will go over to C++ and try there (since the UE arrays Gapless-ness makes it impossible to use 3d Arrays for coordinates).

How did you add “watches” to the variables? Also, the value out of bounds happens when you try to access a memory location outside of the bounds of an array (typically caused by using an index greater than the size of the array)