Blueprint Networked Steam Multiplayer help

Hey guys, my friend and I have been completely stumped on how to get networked multiplayer working. I’ve even gone as far as to recreate the Multiplayer Shootout example from scratch, and it still has not worked. I’ve poured over numerous threads, Youtube videos and discussions, and can’t seem to figure out what our issue is. It’s getting really frustrating. I’m not sure what you guys will need to see to be able to help us out, but I’ll start with our host and find session logic (I’m aware we don’t have a join session node. We were simply testing to see if we could even find a server setup). Anything else you guys may need to steer us in the right direction and I’ll add the screenshot. I’m leaning towards something we have set up wrong in out Engine/Source/ThirdParty/Steamworks folder, but I believe we followed everything we were supposed to do from there correctly too. Any help at all would be much appreciated guys.

Thank you for your time.Multiplayer blueprints.jpg

Have you edited your ini file to enable the online subsystem?

Id suggest going over this for blue printing

Yes, we’ve edited the INI as described in the official documentation. And we’ve done everything outlined in that tutorial as well. Since I initially made the post though, we are now able to find each others session. But we still aren’t connecting to each others game.

Make sure your firewall is not blocking. You can go to change the port to the one your listen is using. See if it can see you. Note you should have the hosted game running to see if the session is listening.

You don’t need to open a port if you are using Steam. If you got a Steam overlay when you run the game then the Steam is properly set up.
The problem is simply in the Steam’s test app ID 480, 480 is a public app Id that all devs use for testing. I am also using test ID to test my game with the friends and I also sometimes have this exact problem. When your game gets through Steam greelight you will get your own app ID and you won’t be getting this problem.
To work around this problem you will ned to add ability to join a server through Steam invite, currently this can only be achieved in C++ but there is Plugin called Advanced Sessions Plugin which enables you to do this through Blueprints.