Blueprint Network Sessions LAN/Steamworks

I am working on a Blueprint only game right now and I am curious if it is even possible at this point to create a working multiplayer game.
In 4.6.1 I managed to join and play by simply creating a Lan session on one client and joining on the other. Now with 4.7.1 this seems to have stopped working, I can’t even join via “open <ip>” console anymore. As I was unsure this is due to my projects complexity I created a blank project and tried it out, without success ( NOTE: its only lan, i skipped steamworks after i could not even get that to work. i tried ServerTravel <map> and Open <map> after joining sessions and both did nothing clientside).

Does anyone here have working blueprints and care to clarify or even share?
Or would it be possible for an ue4 veteran to create a rudimental blueprint multiplayer lan example (or even better steamworks, assuming one does have the nessessary files in the engine dir)?

And @TeamEpic: Is advanced blueprint multiplayer (especially steamworks) something to expect soonish, or would I be better off implementing this in code as I want my game to be rdy for shipping in about 2-3 months?

So yeah i got it all working. There are 3 important things to keep in mind and everything will work just fine.

  1. Your host needs to be a listen server, else all connections will fail with a timeout. (either add “listen” as option at the open level blueprint node or add ?listen to your console command, like “open mymapname?listen”
  2. Never play in editor (PIE), I do not know if it can work, but you save yourself a load of testing if you just use the “standalone” play mode. cooking also works fine, though time consuming.
  3. If you use steamsubsystem for online play, be sure that everyone is logged into steam, not just the host.

Thats it, now creating/finding/joining sessions work like a charm.

bump anyone? (btw i did not see any forum rules regarding bumping so i’ll just do this once a week)