Blueprint Nativizing error cause of wrong encoding


I’m trying to check if the nativizing of blueprints could improve the performance on a mobile device.
In the packing options I selected “Inclusive” to automatically include all blueprints to be nativize. But when packaging I get the following error:

I don’t have such a blueprint in my project.

I went into the folder /…**/Private/NativizedAssets_Dependencies.cpp’ and changed the encoding with notepad++ from *UCS-2 LE BOM *to *UTF-8 *but the error still appears.

Can anyone give me a hint what I’m doing wrong here?

I tried it with 2 another Hello-World projects. But even there everytime some files are encoded wrong or are not found.
Is there more to consider than just to set the nativizing method?…nts/index.html
They just set the method to Inclusive, but I don’t see any preperation for the Blueprint by themself like chaning the encoding of the blueprint.

Exlusion mode is very weird. I can select the blueprints I want to nativize, but I have like 300 custom Blueprints spread among the project. Is there a way
just to add my created blueprints? Otherwise I have to find and add every blueprint by itself into the list.

Some tipps? :slight_smile: