Blueprint nativization fails - relative path not found


I´m trying to nativize a pure blueprint project with 2 project plugins on Android ASTC (Oculus Quest). The project compiles and deploys fine when nativization is disabled, but when I enable it UnrealBuildTool fails with this error:

E:/UE4/GladiusQuest/Intermediate/Plugins/NativizedAssets/Android/Game/Source\NativizedAssets/Public/Bow3__pf1418999182.h(5,10): fatal error: ‘…/Plugins/VRExpansionPlugin/VRExpansionPlugin/Source/VRExpansionPlugin/Public/VRBPDatatypes.h’ file not found
UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ASTC)): #include “…/Plugins/VRExpansionPlugin/VRExpansionPlugin/Source/VRExpansionPlugin/Public/VRBPDatatypes.h”

The plugin .h file is in the correct folder location, and in fact if I manually modify the #include line in the autogenerated .cpp file and set it to full path (#include “E:/UE4…”), and then manually run UnrealBuildTool.exe again from the command prompt, it compiles just fine. So it seems the engine is not generating the correct relative path for this plugin, or somehow not including the plugins folder in the paths to look.

Is there a way to fix this?

Thank you very much in advance.

I have a similar problem, for me, it fails when it tries to get vr namespace for Steam and Open VR plugins

build error log

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Thanks Sam, will try to reproduce it in a clean project and report the bug.

BTW, i just found a simple workaround.

Create an empty header file and place it in the engine plugins folder with the corresponding relative route, the process compiles just fine.