Blueprint Nativization Errors on Launch

Hi there.

I’ve been having some issues with blueprint nativization in 4.18.3, built from source.
(I was also having these issues when using the launcher version as well…)

If I use inclusive blueprint nativization, it compiles fine and builds with no errors. But when I launch the game:
Assertion failed:0, BlueprintSupport.cpp, Line 2544.

Not sure what this means.

If I set it to exclusive nativization and only pick my tick heavy blueprints, it also builds fine. But I get this different error:

Fatal error, AsyncLoading.cpp, class mismatch ByteProperty != EnumProperty
There was an answerhub about this error that went unresolved from last year.

I turn off nativization and it all works fine. So nativization is clearly the issue here.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated…
Thank you