Blueprint Nativization convert to blueprint?

so, i read about blueprint nativization, and i nativate my blueprint, its work fine.
ann now i have few questions about

  1. so i got c++ code, but how to re compile? i mean if i modify c++code, than how do i apply my code in game?

  2. if i can covert to c++, than can i convert to blueprint again?


Hello. I guess the code that is made out of blueprint is not reusable (can’t really modify and compile). You don’t need to convert to back to blueprint because blueprint to C++ conversion only happens during packaging and still leaves you with blueprints in the editor.

Sure! Blueprints are executed on a VM (virtual machine) and basically work slower than plain old C++. Most times you won’t really notice that, but when your project gets huge or you have some massive calculation going on (forEach working with an array of over 1000+ elements) and consists only of blueprints, you might want to start nativizing some of those “heavy” blueprints.
Nativization, when selected, happens only during packaging your game and the C++ code it generates will only be used in your packaged game, while in the editor you will still have your blueprints. After nativization you don’t even see the code in the editor, but you can still find it in your project folder, but changing it won’t make any difference, thus it is only compiled when you pack your project.
Nativization has some restriction though. For example, you can’t nativize a blueprint that uses blueprint struct. You can’t nativize those blueprint structs as well.

You can read more about nativization in the UE4 Documentation: Nativizing Blueprints | Unreal Engine Documentation

You can read more about nativization practical use on UE4 forums: Blueprint Nativization (C++ converter) - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

Sorry, i dont get it.
Why do we need blueprint nativization? If we cant convert to BP again?
Might be translation make me confuse, but i cant find why do they make it in official UE4’s introduce pages.
Can you tell me bit more please?