Blueprint naming error message cancels rename

I’m tring to name a variable node into “DoorStart”, I’m unable to do so without trickery since the editor is complaining I have a component named “Door” while im typing in the new name for my variable, the error message popups right next to the name field in the property window as soon as I type door, any further input character from me counts as a return, committing to my name change “DoorS”.

I must say this has happened a bunch of times in different places and is highly frustrating. It happens in the Content Browser as well, where names often share similiarities (eg. it happens a lot)

(Additionally, the naming field is not in capital letters, however the variable node is writen using capitals, not sure if this has any side-effects, but the difference sure looks odd)

This is a known issue and will be fixed in the next release.