Blueprint - Multiple planes facing the camera!?

Hello. I’ve managed to make one plane to follow the camera with a tutorial I found on the net, but I need to connect multiple plane Actors to the same camera, and I cant manage to do it.
This is what I have and it works for AimCam1.
How to connect AimCam7,3 and 6?

You need to add them to an array and loop through them.

I second advice above, but just wanted to add there is an example of exactly this in the “Content Examples” project you can get from the Unreal Learn area in epic games launcher. I think you find it in the Map called “Math Hall”.

They might be doing it a different way than array, it may be code directly on the plane blueprint - but in any case it provides another example.

Yes I tried to do it like this but my knowledge of blueprints is non existent basically :slight_smile:
Ive ended here, and I dont know how to conect the second array to the Target of SetActorRotation
And I dont know if even this is done correctly. So I’ll be grateful if you can be more specific.

It’s Ok. I’ll try and sum up the steps:

For the array:

  1. In the construction script or Event Begin Play, copy this, drag for the Array output and Promote to variable.

  2. In the event graph drag the array variable bellow the tick event, drag from the pint of the variable and select the For Each Loop.

  3. Plug the exec pins as so: Event Tick → For Each Loop → Loop Body → Set Actor Rotation.

  4. From the For Each Loop node, connect the Array Element output to the target in the Set Actor Rotation node.

I highly recommend you read all this and go through the related courses.