Blueprint Multiplayer (Video Tutorial Series) - 2 Issues Please Help

Hi All,

Tutorials Used -

I’m really hoping somebody can offer some assistance with the minimal issues I have as I’ve been going around in Blueprint Circles for 3 days now and revisited and watched the tutorials over and over again and can’t seem to find what my issues are.

I’ve finished up to the end of “23 Finishing Up” - everything has been sweet, a few issues along the way but managed to fix those and now left with 2 issues only, hence this post for some help.

The Problems

  1. After HostingTheGame>SelectingCharacter and then clicking “Start Session” - My loading screen stays on the screen ( I have rgb 000 so it’s all black) it just stays there.
    When I changed the alpha to see what was in the background, my player is there, I can run around all fine and the correct map has loading but the Loading Screen is just sitting there with the throbber going around.

2.(as been as I changed the alpha as mentioned above) My GameplayChat window isn’t showing up at all.

I have honestly tried my utmost to get to the bottom of these 2 issues which I’m sure maybe link somehow but no matter how many times I rewatch the tutorials and Blueprints it’s the same with Loading Screen on constant and no GameplayChat

If any of you can offer assistance here I’d greatly appreciate it, if you need any more info I can gladly try to give it.

Looking forward to any responses

Kind Regards
Cecil B:(

About the loading screen: are you creating it from your game mode or your game instance? I realised i had 2 events for it.
If its the case, in your game mode event, cast to your game instance’s event “show loading screen” and it should be resolved.
If not you may need to use a “remove all widgets” node somewhere in your level blueprint or game mode.

About the chat issue, it disappeared for me after i enabled seamless travel in my game mode’s “class defaults”.

Hope it helps.