Blueprint Multiplayer exchange data

Hello together, i could need your help. I think that should be very basic but i’m stucking.

I have a multiplayer project, there is a widget that should be synchronized for all players. This means that if a player presses a button in the widget and it then becomes inactive, the button also becomes inactive for all other players.

I have a connection from the widget to the PC via the event dispatcher, there I make sure that the widget is displayed and react to the button pressed command.

My idea was to do a custom event run on server to cast to GameMode and to set a variable in the GameMode with information the button should be inactive.
In the widget, i check the variable with the event tick via Custom Event run on Server and have linked that to the button.

Running as Server disable my Button, Running as Client don’t disable the buttons.

Is there a better Way to synchronize that? Hope you can help me again :slight_smile:

Here some Screenshots:

Blueprint Widget:

Binding Event in PC:

Handling in PC:

Handling in GM: