Blueprint Multiplayer "Class" Selection Help (from tutorial)

Hi All,

I have fully worked through the “Blueprint Multiplayer” Tutorials ( from 0-24 and everything thankfully runs perfect, no issues at all after a few fixes here and there but still working fine.

I have a small question which was my original intention to-do but wanted to complete this tutorial series 1st.

Question - I want to change this from Character to Vehicle Class, I can see from the blueprints there are a few references to Character and the Character Class itself and I am struggling to find the correct way of changes this to Vehicle, I am using the advanced vehicle which is part of the WheeledVehicle class.

There is also an array which I have managed to change to Vehicles instead of Characters but it seems that I am missing something in a reference in possibly many places.

See attached screenshots for the default “Character” references from what I can see, if anybody can help me change this to vehicle for spawning and selection screens it would be greatly appreciated. These snippet images are not all of the references but I’m hoping somebody has possibly completed this tutorial before and changed the class it uses.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.