Blueprint Multiplayer and LAN Games

I know this is a pretty common question that has been asked and answered in a multitude of ways, however I’m hoping to hear some more details from Epic on this topic.

I’ve been going through the Blueprint Multiplayer tutorial and could not get a LAN connection from a second PC for the longest time. I tried a bunch of things and kept seeing this post ( that talks about disabling the virtualbox network adapter. I ignored it because I wasn’t running Hyper-V and didn’t have that adapter. I eventually decided to remove the VMware player from my second system because I thought it might be doing something similar. Amazingly that fixed the problem.

My questions though are what is going on here that causes this? I don’t know that I have this problem with other games so have I just not played an Epic/Unreal Engine game from this second system? Is there a workaround/fix for this that a developer can use? This seems like a somewhat non-minor issue if you’re putting out a game and that is the answer or is it that nobody supports LAN games anymore?

Any general thoughts on this are welcome but I would really appreciate and office answer from Epic if you guys have one.