Blueprint move in another project

hello guys.
i have a blueprint weapon in one project and i want to move in another project.
i try migrate but… when i try to open the blueprint weapon from another project … result crash and close the project… idk how to fix… help me with that? or help me to copy & paste the blueprint weapon piece by piece.
im very new in unreal engine / blueprint… and sorry for bad english

Is this weapon from starter content or free asets?

is weapon blueprint ak47 from

This is with C++. Contact with the suport email which is given for information.

ok …? then i can copy paste in blueprint piece by piece?

I’ am not sure and i am not very skilled with BP. For C++ i havn’t any experience.

ok guys. something else… i want to add and work. any help?

The publisher marked it as a “c++ project”. I don’t think you can do what you want to. The KA47BP derives from Firearm.h and then you have all it’s references.