Blueprint Mouseover not Working

Hi, I’m having trouble making an interactive door in my game. The blueprint functions properly and as intended in most respects, but the mouseover events aren’t producing predictable results. My blueprint consists of a trigger (to detect if the player is in range), the door model, and a bounding box that serves as the door’s physical presence. However, the bounding box will only process mouseovers within an extremely particular and often inconsistent spot.


For demonstrative purposes, the bounding box has been set to visible.

Hi, could you please turn on show mouse cursor. I suspect that the mouse cursor is not on the cross-hair, triggering such inconsistency that you are facing.

Hmm. I can’t say for sure, since the mouse cursor gets released when I show the cursor in-game. But after a little fiddling, that looks like it may well be it.

Now to try and figure out how to lock the cursor to the screen’s center…

You could set the mouse position to the screen’s center everytime the mouse moves

This can be done, but why would you do it in the first place? If you want to interact with something by looking at it, use line tracing instead of the mouseover.