Blueprint mouse events

Hello, i have a problem with mouse events in blueprints.

I have made a simple box actor and converted it into a blueprint. then i have added mouse events to the Event graph like this:

So, when i press the Play button and click the first instance of the Cube_Blueprint actor, everything is fine and events are firing. but for some reason if i click second instance nonthing happens.
Additionally, if I add 3rd instance and remove the first one, then the click events are firing only for the 3rd instance.

I thing that I’m missing something, can anyone point me in the right direction?

What do you want to do?

For now - yes. But the final goal is to make simple game where i’ll be able to build something using predefined “brics”

Ow, thank you!

I’m trying to do a logic, so user (in game) will be able to manipulate some acters. For example like the Besiage or Kerbal game, where the user/player are able to build siege weapon/space craft and then drive/fly it ) i have not found any complete solution/tutorial for this, so i’m try to learn the UE4 and make my own implementation for this :slight_smile:

To see the mouse and clicking the cube?

I create a video for you wait a minut o show you how show the mouse and clic a cube event

Here The Video Link

Thanks rjvm for the video! The answer is simple :slight_smile:
The click event is happening, but the blueprint designer at the “Event Graph” window is visualizing those events only for first instance of a blueprint. I’ll make a bug report to the Epic Games…

I have got an answer to my bug report, so it was a feature!
Check it here: