Blueprint metadata DefaultToSelf and UObjects


I think that DefaultToSelf metadata works only when parameter is AActor*. It will be nice to make it working ňfor UObjects too. Right now I always need to create “Reference To Self” in blueprint and then link it to UObject pin.

We use the “DefaultToSelf” metadata for AnimNotify (which is not an AActor) WorldContext params.

Looking through the code, it looks like “DefaultToSelf” was originally intended to work with the “HidePin” metadata. In some places, we check for “HidePin” before we do anything with the “DefaultToSelf” metadata.

What specifically do you mean by “not working”? Are you running into the “This blueprint (self) is not a , therefore '’ must have a connection” error? Or some other issue? What class does your blueprint inherit from?

Sorry I’m not more help right off the bat, but hopefully we can get to the bottom of you issue.

Thank you for your interest Mike !

I am not experiencing issues just posting improvement suggestion.

I think this image will explain it very well:


Simply, it will be faster for development if I will not need to create “Self” node everytime I need to pass self reference as UObject parameter.

this just because you can set only one parameter per function to use this feature.