Blueprint Menu

Hi All,

Completely new at this but have searched to no avail…

Trying to make a “menu” map to load upon loading the game and then trying to set up some blueprints to have menu navigation and function, namely, a menu for loading a save state (haven’t attempted yet) and a menu item to click for a starting a new game that expands to allow you to select a difficulty.

Ive set up my menu map, with playercontroller and gamemode blueprints to allow for mouse input following a tutorial. Ive also set up the map to show through a camera in the level itself on spawn looking towards some text renderers for my menu items (prototyping, going for simplicity). This all works so far.

Ive set the difficulty levels to be invisible initially (theyre there, just set to not visible) and am trying to set it up so once someone clicks on the “new game” text renderer it will then set these other text renderers to visible. it simply isnt working and i am not sure why.

All my blueprint code is set in the persistent level blueprint, as when i try to make a new blueprint specific for this function it never allows referencing to in map content, and if i try to set up said content in the “components” section of the blueprint it never allows me to manipulate the location of items, for example, adding a camera i can enter any value in the xyz for location and it will remain unchanged.

Ive gone a step further and tried adding a volume around the textrenderers assuming they have no collision and therefore cannot pickup an “onclick” event, but this is to no avail either.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

(sorry, forum has extremely poor image quality on uploads, crammed the blueprint in as best i can to make it legible).


Figured this out myself with some tinkering.

In case anyone else has similar issues here’s how I solved it.

I used a “toggle visibility” function on my menu buttons, so when I click on “new game” for example, it will toggle the visibility of the 3 difficulty settings I wanted. as they were set invisible initially it then made them visible. I also added a “set visibility” function to ensure the alternate option hid, ie if I had clicked on “load game” and had its options showing and then clicked on “new game” it would hide the “load game” options and show the “new game” options.

I am using “trigger volumes” as the hit detector, had to have it set to “block all” in its collision to have it work. Not sure if the type of volume matters, more just the collision setting.