Blueprint Memory Leak 4.9.2

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I’m having a memory leak in my project. It only happens in one specific project whenever I have the blueprint editor open – I don’t have to be doing anything within the editor to have it happen. After 5-10 minutes, my memory usage will be at it’s complete maximum, making the editor unusable. I’ve attached a screenshot of my memory usage, a memory report, and a dxdiag. Any help in resolving this would be much appreciated!

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Memory usuage

How many textures are in the project? and sizes etc. maybe a materials loop?

the logs seem to be pointing at them.

my personal experience is: if you use very large textures 4k i.e. your editor can require more than 16 gb of ram… also some examples like the kite demo

I should post that I am editing the same project. On both a Laptop with 8gb of RAM and a PC with 16gb of RAM and do not run into the issue that Chip is having.

Does he have any customisations/plugins or applications running that you dont?
cos that alone is a big red flag towards his system, and not UE.

There were several tabs open on a specific actor and a function library. I closed all of them and that solved the issue.

Thank you all for the suggestions.