Blueprint member variables in blueprints not instantiating

My player pawn is a blueprint called BP_Plane. The pawn has a blueprint member variable LaserWeapon, which is a subclass of Actor. I have the following code in my event graph for BP_Plane:

The two print functions before and after the LaserWeapon function print their output correctly. On the left, you can see the LaserWeapon variable.

Inside the LaserWeapon Print Test function:


The strange thing is that I’ve placed a print function inside of the constructor of LaserWeapon and it appears to not be getting called during the instantiation of BP_Plane. If I set a break point on the Print Test function inside of the BP_Plane scene graph then it stops correctly. If I place it at the beginning of the Print Test function inside of LaserWeapon then the debugger isn’t stopped.

Is there something fundamentally incorrect that I’m doing? I’ve taken a look at [this page][3] but haven’t noticed anything that I’ve done differently.

What’s a “Member Variable”?

I am having this issue as well. Did you ever resolve this?

Nope I never did solve the problem. I haven’t tried it again since then, though.

Just found this, and it looks like it provides a solution to the issue.

That having been said, it feels a little cludgy. What about cases where I don’t want to give a transform to the actor I spawn? For instance, if it’s a class that deals mainly with data and doesn’t need to actually appear in the world.