Blueprint Matinee a static mesh?

I have a static mesh i want to make it float/levitate. Just simply move up and down pon the z axis looping. And i want to turn it into a blueprint so i can duplicate it and place that BP in multiple locations with them all animating. How would i go about doing this? i have seen some tutorials but the owns i watch don’t allow it to be duplicated and i was wondering if anyone has achieved them and what i need to do.

As I mentioned in your other thread, you could do it with a “set actor location” or a “move to” node in your actor blueprint :wink:

but how would i got about making it return to the same point. because i tried adding two set actor location nodes. first one moving it up by .5 and than the other by -.5 and connected them together so that it would be on and infinite cycle and move up and down constantly but it didn’t move at all. I changed it from static to movable.


Here we go (I would recommend you the 2nd way ^^):


Thank you so much, works perfectly

oh wait when i tried to duplicate they all moved to the location of the original one. trying to make multiple static meshes that i can replace with BPs. i tried it to a few of my static meshes and i think i understand why its doing it but not know how to fix. They are all trying to mirror the same thing as in the blueprint. Using the 2nd way you did it. What happens is they all will rotate to that location. so like you have a box and you BP it and than you make a duplicate of that BP box but you rotate it slightly. and when you go to play it it will rotate to that same as the first one.

oh wait, never mind lol. It was an easy fix. just needed a “get world rotation”

For some reason when i do this(the way shown in version 2) when i drop the blueprint into any location other then 0,0,0 the object offsets but amount in x axis over and over again off into infinity. When the object is dropped at 0,0,0 it works great. Any reason for this?